A Tale

Meet: The Upper Tunist 

A play by ear & soul recording artist, multi instrumentalist & songwriter from Ontario, Canada. Brought up in a 100 year old Victorian home located in the country. He went to school, played in the junkyard next to his house & rode a dirt bike. Music didn't arrive until later in life.    

Born into a unnamed worldwide religious cult/organization & raised under strict rules limiting various types of media like film and MUSIC - The Upper Tunist's passion for songwriting emerged out of pure rebellion. You can hear it in his sound as it jumps from old hymn chord progression's to a fist clenched rage ballad into a high energy alternative road trip song or a hip hop riff . His story's and topics are incredibly vast but relate-able because we all experience failure & triumph.

There are hints of Comedy in a few of his songs, but The Upper Tunist will not admit it.


He say's "each show contains portions of my life so it's better to hear it from me on the stage." 
Then he also mentions " this online Bio thing is somewhat stale because I like to sing my life..so let's just leave it here" 



2007 The Last of Some Guitar

2010 The King of Empty Promises

2013 Haggr'd Hymn Man

2016 Dirt Love

2018 The Upper Tunist

2018 Single- Letter to MR Ian Power 

2019 RUBBLE i  ( 4 Parts)

2019 5 Old Piano Songs