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The Musician

The Upper Tunist AKA Jason Hunter is a recording artist, multi instrumentalist & songwriter from Ontario, Canada. His music tends to remind listeners of a twisted version of the oldies, often originating from multiple genres.

If you take one listen through TUT'S material, you'll instantly recognize his hearts in the past when it comes to penning songs. If you like that style follow The Upper Tunist on Spotify / AppleMusic / Amazon / Youtube  + Others

June 2021 the fresh tunes will start rolling out via Distrokid.


2007 The Last of Some Guitar

2010 The King of Empty Promises

2013 Haggr'd Hymn Man

2016 Dirt Love

2018 The Upper Tunist

 2019 RUBBLE i  ( 4 Parts)

2019 5 Old Piano Songs

2019 Single - Vineyards And Lies 


*Other Projects*

Adding "About Album Art Page"

Considering adding daily blog 

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